Why ‘Accidental Intellectual’? I’ll admit that I wanted to pique your curiosity, and stand out in the overcrowded podcast world, but it also comes from my entirely unexpected venture into this world of academia. I really shouldn’t have made it very far in school and by all objective measures I’m an unconventional student. Many of the qualities one would expect from an academic, such as organization, focus, and attention to detail are the things I struggle with the most. I like to think I make up for it with my enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. In fact, it’s usually pretty


hard. I choose to be unapologetically honest about my failures and shortcomings because behind my academic success is an imperfect, fallible human being. 

     I’ve gathered a group of my very talented friends and fellow graduate students, herein the Pod Squad, and we’re going to talk to lots of smart, successful people who work in health related fields. We’ll have some doctors, psychologists, other healthcare professionals, scientists, and academics. We’ll talk to journalists and writers, people with lived experience, and community advocates. When we talk to these people, though, we won’t just discuss all the success they’ve had or the lines on their CV’s; rather we’ll delve into the failures and

Hi, I’m Lee Propp,

Visionary and show host of the Accidental Intellectual podcast.


disappointments that they’ve experienced and learn how they picked themselves up and found the courage to try again. We’ll also hear stories of the big wins that came after the failures and we’ll let ourselves feel proud of these accomplishments in a world that often encourages us to stay small and out of the spotlight. 

     So come join us as we tell these profoundly human stories of both setbacks and successes and the kind of wisdom that only comes from failing the first time.