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Episode #15: Producing Imperfect Work

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Dr. Hillary McBride

Hillary McBride, Ph.D., RPsych, joins us to discuss her career trajectory, navigating boundaries, the importance of letting imperfect work be seen, reconnecting with curiosity, and so much more!


Dr. Hillary McBride is a therapist, researcher, speaker and writer. She is best known as co-host of “The Liturgists” podcast and host of the CBC podcast “Other People’s Problems.” But that work has only been possible with years of clinical practice as a counselor and research as a psychologist, a base of expertise that includes work at the intersection of spirituality and mental health, trauma and trauma therapies, body image, eating disorders, perinatal mental health, and the menopausal transition. Her first book, Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are, was published in 2017; she was the senior editor of a textbook which was released in 2018, Embodiment and Eating disorders: Theory, Research, Prevention, and Treatment, and her next book, This Is My Body: Embodiment and Why It Matters for Just About Everything, will be out in 2021. She has been recognized by the American Psychological Association, and the Canadian Psychological Association for her research addressing our relationships with our bodies across the life span, and her work in feminist psychology. Hillary currently teaches at the University of British Columbia and makes her home in Vancouver, British Columbia. 



  • Hillary’s journey from studying performance violin to pursuing a PhD in counselling psychology

  • Personal experiences that have shaped Dr. McBride’s career trajectory

  • Social power and the “publish or perish” mentality of academia

  • Questioning the framework of ‘success’ in psychology and the importance of valuing ‘the person’ in ourselves and our clients

  • Navigating the boundary between the personal and professional as a psychologist who does a lot of public facing work

  • Questions Hillary asks herself when navigating boundaries: sharing scars not wounds, and trusting herself and others

  • The story behind CBC’s ‘Other People’s Problems’ podcast: how Dr. McBride became involved and insights gained from the process

  • Letting imperfect clinical work be seen and the importance of self-compassion

  • Reconnecting with curiosity



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