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Dr. Jonathan Weiss

Episode #16: Nobody Does it Alone

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Jonathan Weiss, Ph.D, CPsych, joins us to discuss connectedness, listening carefully to your inner compass, the tremendous value of giving one's time for volunteerism, and so much more!


Dr. Weiss is a clinical psychologist and an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at York University. His research focuses on mental health in people with autism or with intellectual disabilities across the lifespan. He conducts studies on how people with developmental disabilities access mental health care and is interested in their service needs, use, and experiences. His work is also focused on understanding and supporting family wellness when at least one family member has a developmental disability. He is interested in program development and evaluation, and in particular on the impact of Special Olympics on the psychological well-being of participants, and of psychosocial interventions to promote resilience and improve the mental health of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Dr. Weiss currently holds the York University Research Chair in Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disability Mental Health.



  • What drew Dr. Weiss to his current research program

  • The career and full time job of being a graduate student

  • Jonathan’s trajectory into psychology and passion for his work with individuals with developmental disabilities

  • The importance of good mentorship that shows the successes and the struggles

  • Dr. Weiss’ reflections on formative failures

  • Being genuine in one’s own experience as a therapist/ health professional

  • Acknowledging our high levels of stress and pushing for a culture shift away from competition and “busyness” in our professional worlds

  • How to model balance and wellness to graduate students

  • The importance of enhancing a sense of connectedness in our communities, professional and otherwise

  • The special olympics and the value of sport/ recreation and leisure

  • Volunteerism: benefits for the community and ourselves

  • Finding your own path

  • We don’t accomplish things by ourselves: Jonathan’s advice to stay connected to people who love what they do and find good examples to learn from and work with




Full episode transcript coming soon.