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Episode #12: Bridging Faith and Practice

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Jonathon Zarb

Jonathon Zarb, B.A., MPS, RP (qualifying), joins us to discuss what it means to be a spiritual health therapist, his journey to providing spiritual care in hospitals, the connection he has formed with his spirituality and sexuality, experiences caring for staff versus caring for patients, and so much more!


Jonathon Zarb holds a bachelor’s degree in Sexual Diversity Studies, Sociology and Religion from the University of Toronto, and a Masters of Pastoral Studies (MPS) with a Certificate in Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy from Knox College, which is jointly offered through the Toronto School of Theology and the University of Toronto. He is also a qualifying registered psychotherapist. Since joining William Osler Health System in 2019, Jonathon has focused on providing one-on-one and group care to patients and families. He feels called to work from a client-focused framework and does so with compassion, care and empathy. Jonathon is passionate about the intersection of spirituality and identity in regards to overall health and wellness. He has a deep interest in staff spiritual health and wellness and has designed and implemented staff wellness programs, mindfulness sessions, and one-on-one support as a part of his daily work. 



  • What is a spiritual health therapist?

  • A day in the life of a spiritual health therapist

  • Jonathon’s experience caring for staff and how it differs from caring for patients

  • The Healthcare Heroes have Heart initiative

  • How Jonathon came to be interested in spiritual health

  • Jonathon’s journey to providing spiritual care in the hospital setting

  • Reconciling his Catholic roots and the traditional view that spirituality and sexual diversity are at odds with one another

  • How transitioning religion into spirituality has served Jonathon

  • The importance of passion and momentum

  • Lessons from Jonathon’s first practicum placement

  • Plants as selfcare!




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