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Lauren Vogel

Episode #3: The First Crepe


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Health journalist, Lauren Vogel joins us to discuss the changing landscape of journalism, the writing process, parallels between journalism and healthcare, including the need to build trusting relationships, and so much more!


Lauren Vogel is a journalist for the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), one of the top 10 general medical journals in the world. She has received national awards for her reporting on women's health, sexual health, and physician suicide. She has also contributed news features and commentary to CBC Radio, the Walrus, UofTMed Magazine, as well as other media publications.



  • Translating clinical research for both physicians and the lay public 

  • The classic news judgment: how does this affect someone’s bottom line?

  • Lauren’s first foray into communicating health-related topics and her eventual trajectory into a career in journalism

  • Recent changes in journalism with the rise of social media and bottoming out of advertising dollars

  • Loss of trust in journalists and physicians and ways to rebuild trust by forming relationships

  • The writing process

  • Not being afraid to fail as a key ingredient to good writing

  • Re-framing “failures” as “the first crepe”

  • Disengaging from social media and the news, especially when your career is built on them

  • How the issues happening in the world at large are happening in a microcosm in medicine

  • Setting boundaries and having a “journalism Lauren”

  • Being willfully silly when off the clock

  • The extent to which experts can communicate with non-experts

  • The importance of taking a step back and “passing the mic”

  • Being aware of the particular privilege you hold




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