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Episode #6: Decisive Action, Good Care 

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Dr. Naheed Dosani

Naheed Dosani, MD, joins us to discuss his important work in the area of palliative care, his presence on social media, how he creates meaningful partnerships with his patients and others in the healthcare community, and so much more!


Dr. Dosani is a palliative care physician and health and human rights activist dedicated to advancing equitable access to health care for people experiencing homelessness. A transformative experience providing care to a Toronto homeless man at the end of his life motivated Dr. Dosani to develop Palliative Education And Care for the Homeless (PEACH), a program of the Inner City Health Associates. Dr. Dosani shares his passion for health equity through a broad range of education and advocacy initiatives including national media, public speaking, an active social media presence and faculty appointments at the University of Toronto and McMaster University.


Dr. Dosani has received many prestigious honours for his trailblazing work. These awards include the Meritorious Service Cross for Humanitarianism from Canada’s Governor General in 2018, a humanitarian award from the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians in May 2019 and the Early Career Leader award from the Candian Medical Association in 2020



  • The story behind the development of the PEACH program

  • Providing trauma informed care and harm reduction in the context of palliative care 

  • The importance of extended family and informal caregivers 

  • Our social and health climate currently, health crises

  • How inequities have been brought to light and amplified during COVID 

  • The changing face of Knowledge Translation: sharing health information online via TikTok, Instagram and Twitter 

  • How Dr. Dosani tries to care for himself in the midst of all of these crises 

  • Grief circles, sitting shiva, grief in Judaism and creating space for emotions

  • Naheed’s bits of advice for trainees and early career folks 

  • The importance of moving towards not only equity in our healthcare, but pushing for a justice-based healthcare system, where people are empowered to get the resources that they need at the time that they need them.

  • How to listen before acting



  • Follow Naheed on Twitter! (and TikTok)

  • Learn more about the PEACH program

  • Watch Dr. Dosani’s TEDx Talk: What’s a life worth?

  • Palliative Care: a type of health care for patients and families facing life-limiting illness; helps patients to achieve the best possible quality of life right up until the end of life (source: Canadian Virtual Hospice)

  • In this interview the acronym “ICES” refers to the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

  • The National Grief Alliance

  • The Clubhouse App for iPhone

  • For another interview discussing palliative care (with a focus on pediatrics), see Season 1 Episode 6 with Dr. Adam Rapoport


Get the transcript of this episode HERE.