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Sarah Hobbs-Blyth

Episode #11: Listening to Youth

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Sarah Hobbs-Blyth joins us to discuss her “accidental” career trajectory, inclusive access to mental health, primary and sexual health care for youth, how her work in the field of sexual and reproductive health has played into her role as a parent, and so much more!


Sarah is the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Toronto. She began her career in sexual health and health care working at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.  She joined the Community Health Centre sector in 1999 and has held a variety of positions. Sarah has demonstrated her commitment to improving access to mental health, primary and sexual health care for youth through participating on various boards, committees and working groups both within the CHC sector and within the non-profit charitable sector. Sarah has a combined degree in Sociology and Gerontology from McMaster University, a master’s certificate in Healthcare Management from Schulich School of Business and has completed the Advanced Health Systems Leadership Program at Rotman School of Business. Sarah is committed to working from an anti-oppressive framework and is an advocate for the model of health and wellbeing.




  • What Planned Parenthood Toronto is (and how it’s distinct from Planned Parenthood in the U.S.)

  • Sarah’s “accidental” journey to her current job

  • Changes to health education in the past 20 years and what we still need to work on

  • What it’s like to take a public stance on political issues, particularly as a woman

  • The importance of advocacy and legislation

  • Getting involved and supporting initiatives in ways that aren’t financial

  • Health equity as a mandate

  • How important it is to give youth a voice and hear what they’re saying

  • What the Alliance for Healthier Communities is and the work they do

  • Community health in the context of our broader care system

  • How youth have the capacity to make decisions about their own healthcare

  • The possibility of virtual care

  • How being the parent of a pre-teen informs Sarah’s work

  • Technology in healthcare and making structures easier to navigate and access for youth




Full episode transcript coming soon.