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Season 1 in Review

Episode #20

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This special episode is our last for the season. There’s no guest interview; instead, we’ve selected the very best soundbites from the season and took some time as a team to reflect on all of the conversations we had with the wonderful guests on the podcast over the past year. Although each guest brought different expertise, opinions, and backgrounds from their corners of the health-world, we found that many of the themes that emerged shared many similar lessons on failure, building community and connection, shaping a professional identity, enacting meaningful change, and how to take action. We’ve loved sharing these informative, intimate, and often heart-warming conversations with all of you — and hearing how much you’ve connected to the stories we’ve shared has shown us just how transformative these types of conversations can be. 


As we close out the season, we’ve also spent some time reflecting on our team. It’s been so beautiful to see each of us find our voices behind the mic. We have also spent countless hours behind the scenes discussing ideas, planning, and hauling gear across the city. When COVID hit, we worked together to pivot — finding ways to pull together the rest of the season virtually.


So here it is, the season closer. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did.

Full episode transcript coming soon.