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Dr. Todd Cunningham

Episode #17: A Better Way Forward

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Todd Cunningham, Ph.D, CPsych, joins us to discuss his research in assistive technology and academic interventions, his journey into the field, his reflections on using technology to make the field of psychology more equitable and accessible, and so much more!


Dr. Cunningham is a clinical and school psychologist, Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) and Chair of the School and Clinical Child Psychology program at the University of Toronto. He also provides psychological services through his private practice. His research investigates the support of students with learning difficulties from assessment to interventions. Projects involve looking at new techniques in psychological assessments, evaluation of assistive technology, professional development in literacy and numeracy, and telepsychology. Dr. Cunningham has shared his expertise with parents, students, educators, school boards, and other professionals across North America.



  • Dr. Cunningham’s current clinical, teaching and research work

  • How Todd got introduced to assistive technology and how it helped him learn

  • Difficulties with perception and stigma as barriers to implementing assistive technology properly

  • Balancing the tensions between craft knowledge and new evidence-based knowledge

  • The distinction between products and tools, and the relatively stable evidence base around for the tools despite the evolving “packaging”

  • Todd’s experience of having his own learning disability, how it shaped his understanding of educators and sparked his interest in pursuing education

  • Dr. Cunningham’s path into clinical psychology and the benefits he sees in returning to where he was trained

  • The incredible value and skill of school psychology

  • Publicly funded education as the first line of defence, and it’s ability to support the development of skills that enable children to become healthy, productive members of the future community

  • The power of educators

  • The importance of having a deep understanding of why you’re doing something; questioning whether it is the best way and if there is anything else you can be doing

  • Access, telepsychology and remote consultation

  • Exciting opportunities and the need to be selective; doing a few things well instead of trying to do everything



Full episode transcript coming soon.