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Dr. Yonah Krakowsky

Episode #15: Far From Perfect

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Yonah Krakowsky, MD, FRCSC, joins us to discuss his work as the director of the Transition-Related Surgery Program at Women’s College Hospital, religion and the ways in which it enriches both his practice and his life, experiences telling stories on stage, and so much more!


Dr. Yonah Krakowsky is a surgeon-educator in the Division of Urology at the University of Toronto. He completed his medical school and urology residency at the University of Toronto and a fellowship in sexual medicine and surgery at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Krakowsky is the medical lead of the Transition-Related Surgery Program at Women's College Hospital and is the assistant program director of the urology residency program at the University of Toronto. His clinical and research interests are in peyronies disease, erectile dysfunction, female sexual medicine, and increasing access for trans surgery in Canada.



  • The impetus for the development of a transition-related surgery program in Ontario

  • What transition-related surgery and care looks like across Canada

  • How a typical work week looks for Dr. Krakowsky

  • Implicit biases in STEM education

  • Impressing upon medical students that asking a patient about their pronouns is now part of healthcare

  • Patients who have had difficult experiences with the healthcare system and how Yonah and the team at Women’s College Hospital strive to change the culture and improve patient experiences

  • Yonah’s integration of his religious and professional identities, dissonance, and how he reconciles the practice of medicine and Orthodox Judaism

  • Access to care, bottlenecks in the system and the hope to grow the transition-related surgery program

  • Initial feedback on the clinic: finally having a landing spot in Toronto and the GTA for folks who have had surgery and the need to increase the volume of patients seen for surgery

  • Dr. Karowsky’s trajectory into competitive storytelling (and what that is)

  • How practicing medicine resembles storytelling and the importance of holding space for patients to tell their stories 

  • Surrounding yourself with good people and working together in cherishing community




Full episode transcript coming soon.